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Course Introduction 課程簡介

在辦公室中工作,我們可能已经熟悉 Word, Excel 及 PowerPoint 的運作。但如何令平平无奇的文件增添姿彩,令到上司或客戶對你的工作更能令眼相看,往往是设计包装的问题。所以如能撥出時間,學習一些設計理論再配合先進的繪圖軟件,便能輕易製作出精美的辦公室文件,圖像及簡報。

Adobe Creative Cloud 是業界標準的圖像設計軟件, Photoshop是針對點陣圖(相片)的設計軟件。 Illustrator是針對向量圖(幾何圖)的設計軟件。 Indesgin則是針對排版的設計軟件。


Course Duration 課程時數

36 hrs

Course Objective 課程目標

  • 訓練學員善用以上三大工具做創作
  • 以設計理論出發輔助創作過程
  • 能幫助學員利用以上工具創作屬於自己的作品

Course Modules 課程單元

Higher Certificate in Creative Design using Photoshop CC
Higher Certificate in Creative Design using Indesign CC
Higher Certificate in Creative Design using Illustrator CC

Course Features 課程特點


Course Content 課程內容

Getting Started with Photoshop

Organize Photoshop Assets by Using Adobe Bridge(previewing, rating & labeling images)
Organize the Photoshop Workspace, Tools Panel & Options Bar
Customize the Photoshop Workspace
Reset Preferences to enhance Photoshop performances
Controlling Memory
Managing the Virtual Memory - Scratch Disks

Creating Basic Images

Opening and Import Images
Manage Image Elements and Formats
Zooming & panning an image
Work with Digital Devices

Managing Selections and Layers

Use Selection Tools (Marquee, Lasso, Magic Wand & Quick Selection Tools)
Applying Transformation to a selection
Working smart with Auto-Select
Arrange, Adding, Removing, Naming & Grouping Layers
Saving a Selection

Adjusting Images

Corp Images
Modify Images ( Brightness, Contrast, Hue & Saturation, Exposure, Level & Curve)
Repair Images ( Clone Stamp, Healing Brush, Patch Tool )
Implement Color Management

Refining Images

Blending Layers
Using Adjustment Layers
Apply Camera Raw
Refine Images by Using Advanced Tools

Managing Files in a Production Workflow

Import, Export, and Organize Files
Save Images for the Web (RGB)
Save Images for Print (CMYK)
Format Images for Other Programs
Check the resolution for output size

Creating Raster Images

Draw with Brushes
Free online Brushes resource
Select and Import New Brushes
Create Gradients
Apply Tool Presets

Applying Vector Image Tools

Create Images with Vector Paths
Apply the Shape Drawing Tools
Work with Type
Apply Type Special Effects

Applying Advanced Layer Techniques

Modify Images with Masks
Apply Special Effects by Using Filters
Apply Special Effects to Layers
Apply Adjustment Layer & Smart Objects for Nondestructive Editing
Merging layers to reduce image file size

Automating Tasks

Create and Apply Actions
Free Online Actions source (Lomo, Retro, Vintage..)
Batch Process Files with Photoshop and Adobe Bridge

Editing Video

Importing Video
Edit Video ( Pan, Zoom, Rotate)
Add Graphics, Titles, and Animation to Video
Render Video
Video Format

Setting Project Requirements

Identify Purpose, Audience, and Audience Needs
Adhere to Copyright Rules for Artwork, Graphics, and Graphics Use
Determine and Evaluate Project Management Tasks and Responsibilities

Introducing Illustrator CC

Understanding the difference between Bitmap and Vector graphics
Understanding - window/palettes/menus
Navigate the User Interface
Customize the User Interface
Resolution / Print & Color Theory

Creating Documents Containing Basic Shapes

Create Documents (Artboard tool, Bleed Marks)
Save Documents
Draw Basic Shapes
Viewing - preview/outline
Selecting shapes (Select and direct select tools)
Modifying shapes

Creating Documents Containing Customized Paths

Draw Paths
Modify Paths
Offset Paths
Colour - filling and stroking
Saving - file formats and version

Creating Graphics Containing Customized Text

Insert Text
Apply Flow Text Along a Path
Insert Bounded and Threaded Text
Apply Text Styles
Insert Typographical Characters (Size/Leading/Tracking)
Type to Outline
Free fonts resources

Customizing Objects

Import, Place, and Link Graphics
Alter the Appearance of Objects
Masking object and layers

Customizing Basic Shapes

Apply Strokes and Brushes
Fill Shapes and Texture
Apply Graphics Styles
Distort Text with Text Envelopes

Drawing Complex Illustrations

Apply the Grid, Guides, and Info Panel
Combine Objects to Create Complex Illustrations
Organize Artwork with Layers
Create a Perspective Drawing
Image Trace Function and Setting
Using 3D (Extrude & Bevel, Revolve, Rotate)

Enhancing Artwork Using Painting Tools

Paint Objects Using Fills and Strokes
Paint Objects Using Live Paint Groups
Paint with Custom Brushes
Add Transparency and Blending Modes
Apply Meshes to Objects
Apply Patterns

Customizing Colors and Swatches

Manage Colors
Customize Swatches ( RGB, CMYK, Pantone..)
Manage Color Groups
Adjust Color
Using Kuler

Formatting Type

Set Character Formats
Apply Advanced Formatting Options to Type
Touch Type Tool - Adjust individual letters
Threading text boxes

Enhancing the Appearance of Artwork

Apply Effects to an Object
Create Graphic Styles
Apply a Mask to an Object
Apply Symbols and Symbol Sets

Preparing Content for Deployment

Prepare Artwork for Printing Prepare Transparency and Colors for Printing
Create Slices and Image Maps
Save Graphics for the Web
Prepare Documents for Video
Prepare Files for Other Applications

Setting Project Requirements

Identify Purpose, Audience, and Audience Needs
Adhere to Copyright Rules for Artwork, Graphics, and Graphics Use
Determine and Evaluate Project Management Tasks and Responsibilities

Getting Started with InDesign

Identify Components of the InDesign Interface
Customize the InDesign Interface
Apply the Navigation Controls and Set Preferences

Designing a Document

Create a New Document
Selecting pages & spreads from the pages panel
Understand and Setting of Margins, Bleed and Slug
Working with master pages
Adding new pages
Add Text to a Document
Add Graphics to a Document

Customizing a Document

Format Characters, Special Character and Paragraphs
Fine-tuning columns
Creating a drop cap
Adjusting letter and word spacing
Apply Colors, Swatches, and Gradients
Create and Apply Styles

Working with Page Elements

Arrange and Align Objects
Use Layers
Transform and Manipulate Objects
Thread Text Frames
Edit Text

Building Tables

Create a New Table
Modify a Table Structure
Managing rows, columns & tables
Format a Table

Creating and Exporting an eBook

Completing the Booklet
Choosing the Content of an eBook
Adding Metadata
Exporting an EPUB file

Preparing a Document for Delivery

Resolve Errors in a Document ( Fonts, Image..)
Print a Document
Package a Document for Printing or Web
Creating an Adobe PDF file ( Interactive / Print )
How transparency effects will be flattened
Preflighting files
Defining preflight profiles


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